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We love you guys (BIG SMILES).  Stay Corona Clean, Corona Healthy!!!

(www.madmoosecafe.com, www.roughridercoffee.com). 

For now, The Mad Moose is back open for regular business hours from 10AM breakfast until 9PM Monday thru Sunday.  However, only the outside seating is available.  The Mad Moose is small and so we are still working on arranging our inside to assure proper social distancing.  We hope you will come and enjoy our outdoor area though... it is very nice with our flowers and green grass... and nice music too.  

And hey, thanks again for coming to see us... we've been lonely, but your visits helps us keep "The Moose" alive - Moucho Appreciado!!!  (Is that a phrase?)

If you prefer take-out when you come, ordering is easy as 1, 2, 3...

1.  Stay in car, place order and payment by phone (Cards Preferred, but Cash Okay - we launder all our money): 801-452-7425.  (Menu: www.MadMooseCafe.com)

2. Tell us your name, which car you're in - ya know, make and model and color

3.  We'll bring your order out to you, gloves on, no touching (Smiles, Easy Peasy)

*4.  If you prefer, you can come in and one of our Rough Riders positioned under the Lanai (Hawaiian for porch) with take your order in person.

We have taken this action in the interest of protecting you, our employees, and community from any potential virus spread. 

The Mad Moose is ensuring minimal contact with customers. We have implemented sanitation procedures that transcend normal Health Department protocols to prevent virus spread. Customer hands-off payment transactions have been instituted with non-cash payments (i.e. bank cards) being accepted by phone or through use of our "Touch-less" hand held remotely operated “Clover Flex Devices" outside the café. Employee hands and Clover Flex Devices are be sanitized after each payment transaction.  We'll take cash, then we sanitize it in our bleach water solution.

Sadly , access to the café is for bathroom use only.  All staff sanitizes their hands before entering the café and suppliers drop inventory deliveries outside the café.  Suppliers will not have access to the café. The Mad Moose will be vigilant in monitoring the situation and comply with any additional guidance from The Heath Department.

The Mad Moose Cafe - "We always strive to "Do-The-Right-Thing!"

A Cup of Victory - "Rough Ride Coffee"



Time is Short,

So start every day with a VICTORY.

Reach for Rough Rider Coffee... Reach for VICTORY...

The Birthplace of Coffee - Ethiopia.  A dark roasted varietal.  A rich creamy roast that captures the sweetness of the fruit of the coffee bean (seed) as in the harvest from your favorite Champagne.  A Bold Coffee. A Smooth Coffee. A Traditional Natural Dry Processed, Specialty Gourmet Coffee.  Experience the original heirloom enjoyed by the first Europeans, and Americans, over 300 years ago - a simpler time, a cleaner time - A Rough Rider Coffee Time.

It's been said "Fortune favors the BOLD..." and that VICTORY can be elusive... 

But for the bold who "SEEK VICTORY", starting your day with a Cup of Bold, Smooth "AWESOME", a Cup of VICTORY, a Cup of Rough Rider Coffee, sets the soul to win.  Surrounding yourself with a winning mindset is infectious and has been proven to achieve positive results.  When you need a VICTORY, when you demand VICTORY, reach for "The Colonel's" own Rough Rider Coffee.  

You won’t find Rough Rider Coffee in stores or your local coffee shop. It can only be found here, at The Mad Moose Café, Home of Rough Rider Coffee and Mad Moose Roasting.  A mile high, up in the Wasatch Mountains of Eden, Utah, we’ve created this exclusive brand for you - discerning Mad Moose customers, those who demand quality, who strive for "VICTORY."  People who insist on the very best from themselves and from life.  For those who understand the power of associating with all things that enable a winning spirit.  And, more deeply, embracing the notion of what VICTORY is... for what is VICTORY... if not Happiness and Satisfaction... It’s all we serve.

Strive to be AWESOME. Reach for Rough Rider Coffee, and...  


Remember - "YOU" hold the key to VICTORY, and "We're Rooting for YOU!"

About Us


Dedicated to Quality

Dedicated to Quality

Dedicated to Quality

The Mad Moose Café prides itself on not necessarily being the biggest diamond in the most beautiful valley in the world, but we like to say we are the shiniest coziest diamond in Ogden Valley.  Our friendly staff ensures your visit to The Mad Moose Café is truly a memorable experience you'll remember fondly forever. 


Stay Awhile

Dedicated to Quality

Dedicated to Quality

Sunny days, clean mountain air, and positive alpine vibes with the very freshest food prepared in front of you in our "naked" kitchen guarantee The Mad Moose's outdoor seating will be full of guests enjoying a smooth "CUP OF AWESOME" (Rough Rider Coffee), treat, beer or wine to the sounds of relaxing contemporary music. On not-so-sunny days, we offer comfortable and cozy seating inside with wifi, plenty of free popcorn, and perhaps one of our famous Mad Moose Hot Chocolates to warm your cockles and abate the hunger pangs while you wait to be served! 


More than Drinks

Dedicated to Quality

More than Drinks

In addition to "Rough Rider Coffee" and a wide variety of hot and iced drinks, wine, and beer, we also provide savory food options. All paninis' come with chips and a fresh baked cookie.  Our burgers are the best 80/20 blend, never frozen, quarter pounders you can get.  And, our salads are the freshest in the solar system.  For the kids, a variety of kids meals ensure their satisfaction with a choice between cookies or ice cream options with every meal.  So whether you're stopping for your morning hot "Cup of Awesome," lunch, afternoon snack, or dinner, we've got you covered!

Mad Moose Cafe Drink Menu

Check out our menu for a complete guide to our specialty coffee and other moose offerings to eat in or take out

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